I am who I am but I can be someone else.
One new profile picture and thought put on the Facebook profile picture space every day during 2010.  

How do I expose myself on the Internet and especially on the social network?
The point of departure of the project was my search for a work. Do I have to change personality to get new assignments? I´ll be who you want me to be. What is the rol of the profile picture?

The project "MY FACE BOOK" looks through identity and the creation of an alter-ego, images of myself projected on the social media group. The project explores the iconography of our time and its representation as well. By changing my identity and profile picture every day I gave the opportunity for my friends to follow me on a daily basis. I could thereby be making comments on World events as well as personal mood. The images were put together with a short "twitter" text to comment the day.

On Facebook the profile pictures are not identity portraits as in earlier portraits photography but norms and conventions are still dictating our picture choice.
We are experts on seing through the code of behavior and we like to categorized the person in front of us in boxes, busimen, bum, artist and so on. And we play the roles, enjoying being part of the tribe. The code of social identity are like invisible boundaries, but barriers never the less. I saw this program on "etnical plastic surgery". People wanting and changing the color of their skin, black noses or indian chickbones into caucasian style to fit in our society. How do we want to be seen?
Thursday 21 October 2010.
I have seen things you people wouldn't believe.Tanks attacking in the buffer zone in Lebanon, I watch the sun going down over Haleakala in the Pacific ocean. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Friday 22 October 2010.
You take the shore party, I'll stay with my ship cause not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.
The days went by and new pictures in my head, a steady stream of new ideas, new thoughts and practices. Based on an idea, an image, a feeling, a novelty, an assertion I create my own free interpretation and try it on myself physically.
The process is somewhat similar every day. Try clothes, hats, wigs, makeup and test in front of the camera. First images into the computer. Does it work? Check, test light, test new mimics, new poses, change the flash and shoot again. Sometimes 20, sometimes 50 images, 100 pictures! New series into my PC. Two, three maximum. Photoshop, levels, saturation, hues, less red, less yellow. Preview, happy? No, usually I can do about, sometimes shoot for. more photoshop, save, save for the web, jpeg quality maximum, 800x800 pixels per inch.

The text of the image finds its way throughout the process. Do I have a thought so I am looking for info in Wikimedia and search from there? Sometimes the text first, such as proverbs, headlines, selected words, quotes. The texts must be short, like Twitter, 140 characters. The texts will add a new dimension to the pictures, do not recognize. Like well, be not the images illustrate the texts. They should simply compliment each other. Open Facebook, upload the image, making it to my profile. Done. Not quite. I put the picture on link it to specific groups. Then on the twitter. Clear. Just reading the response from friends and reply to posts.
I usually like to post the picture 13:00, not always ...
Then tomorrow's ideas take by.

Some days have passed since I finished the project and I miss this process. What happens when you change yourself for a day? Can you change? Are you stuck in a system, in a social identity, one origin, one nationality? I guess so, but you can play with the idea. I am British, I am American, je suis français, I'm Swedish ... I daydream, go to work, go to a wedding ... I'm Einstein, Pippi, I'm in Apocalypto, in 30 century America, women in the world ... I spit on the thief's, Over at work, I rob a bank, I vote ... I swim in the Gulf of Mexico, I'm into the virtual world, the holiday in France ... I'm happy, sad, depressed, tired and it shows. But the images can be very spontaneous and relies on small coincidences, props that refer to other images, current events affecting. Global or personal, anything is possible. However, one day at a time
Wednesday 3 November 2010.
In the middle of difficulties lies opportunity.
The whole year. 365 pictures

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